Kitchen Wet Chemical Installation

Modern commercial kitchens are highly susceptible to fire. In a setting with open flames, sizzling hot kitchen appliances and grease-laden stoves, fires can spread quickly, and by nature are difficult to extinguish. Don’t take chances, demand the best.

With J.Keart’s Kitchen Wet Chemical Installation, you reduce the risk of out-of-control kitchen fires. Our SETSCO-certified Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are fully compliant to the Fire Code and combine common-sense features that eliminate the labour intensive task of installing conduit, corner pulleys and detector brackets. This dramatically reduces installation time, so your kitchen can be up and running in no time. What’s more, the uncomplicated design of the systems allows unlimited system configurations to fit with any interior design plans.

Incorporating state-of-the-art misting technology, our Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems give you peace of mind that you can avoid extensive damage to your kitchen by extinguishing potentially deadly kitchen fires as soon as they occur.

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